New home, new menu

We are all moved into our new place. We still have some things to buy... a sofa, boxes for under the bed, and a couple other small things but it is coming together. We definitely did not need the 3 bedroom home we were living in the past year. All of our stuff fits nicely into a 1 bedroom apartment with minimal room to spare! Sorry guests, we no longer have a spare bed...

On a different note, here's what will be made in our new kitchen this week:

Monday - shrimp pad thai
Tuesday - protein shakes
Wednesday - fish taco lettuce wraps
Thursday - out with friends
Friday - TBD
Saturday - zucchini lasagna

When we moved over a year ago we took apart out Billy bookcase from Ikea. We put the hardware for it somewhere... not sure where. I called Ikea today and they said I can only get replacement hardware if I visit a store and they will not ship it to me. Looks like we need to make a trip to Houston soon!

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