Just a peek

Things are slowly starting to come together since our move last weekend. Who am I kidding? I described by self yesterday as a "terrible stay at home wife". Thank goodness I now go to school full time, teach part time, work part time, volunteer, and still like to have time to myself. I was never good at doing "nothing"... hence why our entire place was unpacked and set up within 24 hours of moving in.

Not everything is finished. We need to buy a sofa still (I think I say this every week), hang curtains and art, buy a new blanket for the bed, and reorganize the closet. Our closet is PACKED. I will admit, most of it is mine... clothing austerity is not a easy task for me!

Here are a couple fave corners of our place so far:

sophie dishes - a couple of blue items - meyer lemons from the tree - my work in progress bookshelf

Eventually I plan to share more but you will have to be patient. My schedule also means I do not have much time for decor shopping so it will take longer than I would like to finalize everything!


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