Its what's for dinner...

I love this quote. I feel like we have such a great repertoire of favorite recipes in our house that there is no possible way we could be bad cooks.

Here's what's on the menu for this week:
Sunday - Superbowl party! hot corn dip, salsa and chips
Monday - huevos rancheros... again!
Tuesday - protein shakes
Thursday - Walk-On's
Friday - the start to Mardi Grad weekend! TBD
Saturday - leftovers

Mardi Gras celebrations have already started here. There is so much king cake around and I have not had a bite yet! I did not even know I had this much self control. Secretly, I just do not want to get the baby and have to buy the next cake... I'd rather spend my hard earned money on vacations and clothes! Selfish? Yes. But the motto keeps me away from that darned king cake.

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