Happy Friday!

Also, Happy February 1st! February is a great month. We have Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras (including some days off from school here in LA), and some other exciting news that I will let you know about next week.

Lets get to business. I guess I did not Instagram much this week but here are some highlights:

1. Hockey is back. We watched the Oliers game on Saturday night at a local pub with friends.

2. I made quinoa trail mix muffins for weekday snacks. They were delicious and filled with protein! I highly recommend making these.

3. We watched The Rebound on Netflix one night this week. I was just having one of those days where I wanted to relax and watch a movie. Somedays reading must wait until after a romantic movie. I love love.

4. The new J.Crew line comes out on Saturday. I got an email this week with a Canadian tuxedo... aka denim with denim. I still need to purchase a chambray shirt sometime soon. Button down or popover?!?


This weekend: read, do some things around the house, meal planning, one assignment, planning for an assignment, and teaching prep. It will be a typical weekend around here.

See you Monday!



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