It's been a busy and productive week. Assignments, reading, grading, etc! Here's the best parts of my week in photos:

1. We grilled sausages last weekend and had them with a variety of veggies roasted in a cast iron skillet on the grill! It was delicious!
2. A commercial for Petco. This seems very Occupational Therapy to me...
3. Free frozen yogurt was serves at Yogurtland this week. I had pumpkin pie!
4. We went on a wine date to get out of the house last weekend. The internet was not working at home so we could not watch the hockey game. Our chosen location: Bin 77, of course!
5. Sometimes when I get an email with an inspiration photo I like I will Instagram it so I do not need to keep the email. I love this dining room from Crate & Barrel.
6. Don't forget BOGO at SB until Valentine's day! We plan to go on date on Sunday afternoon for some nonfat half-sweet hot chocolate!
7. Me and a cutie at the Superbowl party last weekend.
8. What would Emily Post do? I saw this book at the bookstore last weekend. I really enjoy her outlook on life. That reminds me, I need to sign up for her weekly emails again. Sometimes, there is just a right way to do things, and that is the polite way!
Happy Mardi Gras weekend! Here in Louisiana we do not have school again until Wednesday afternoon. Myself: Thursday! Happy 5 day weekend! We have lots to get done at home, some dinner plans with friends, and some time to relax too!


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