Is it Friday already?!? I love 2 day work weeks... Okay, I volunteered on Monday and Wednesday and helped out with a data collection project on Wednesday but no classes all week and only 2 days of teaching was nice.

Here's a brief recap of my week in photos:

1. A hairstyle inspired by Pinterest. It's hard to tell its my dark hair but it was better than the usual ponytail.

2. My new J.Crew pear sweater with an almond milk latte from Whole Foods. It was a great post grocery shopping treat.

3. I just discovered some new graphics functions on Microsoft Work while developing a logic model for program evaluation class. Anything looks better when you can make it visual appealing in my opinion. Also, since the paper is supposed to be about the development of the model, creating the visual first will give me a great framework for my paper that I must write this weekend... that's right, you heard it here, I have committed to finishing my paper this weekend!

4. I had to get out a bunch of OT textbooks out this week. In motor learning we have to present on a topic of it choosing as well as design a study. I have finally chosen my topic... motor relearning for adult populations with acquired brain injury (aka traumatic brain injury and stroke). I have not fully developed and researched my idea for my study but I am thinking about integrating something related to mirror therapy.

And that's my week in a nut shell!

Any plans for this weekend? We have lots to do at home, class prep, an assignment to finish, 4 chapters to read in what is become my fave textbook, work, and Valentine's Day dinner tonight!


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