Ham & cheese frittata

I could eat eggs any time of day. I love eggs. Poached. Scrambled. Frittata. We love a frittata because it helps use up leftovers in the fridge and is healthier than a quiche because there is no crust!

We used to make our frittatas in a pie plate. We would sautée everything in a skillet then combine the mixins with the eggs and cheese and a Pyrex pie plate and bake it in the oven.

At Christmas, we picked up B's cast iron skillet from his parents house and have been using it like crazy. This time: frittata... made the right way! What a difference the cast iron skillet makes!

1/2 yellow onion, diced

1c ham, chopped

2 Roma tomatoes, sliced

6 eggs

1c egg whites

1c cheese

2T basil

1t herbs de provence


Whisk together eggs, egg whites, and herbs and set aside. Sautée onion and ham in cast iron skillet over medium heat. Top with sliced tomatoes. Pour over egg mixture, turn down to low and cook until edges start to turn. Put entire skillet in oven and broil for approx 5 minutes until golden. Serve immediate with salad!


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