We bought a zoo!

But we did go to the zoo near Puerto Vallarta... it is actually at Mismaloya. Here are some of my fave shots (yes, I took tons of photos!):

The Zoo!

Food to feed the animals, it is encouraged! The bag included carrots, bread, pellets, corn & peanuts.


In case you were unsure what each animal would enjoy eating...



feeding a llama


The horses loved carrots!

As did the giraffe!

Here he is from above!

The tiger and leopard loved to play together!


goats who liked peanuts...



feeding my monkey friend...

and the long horned sheep...

...and don't forget to feed to bears too! They really seemed to enjoy the bread!

 Check out the cute striped piglet!

The End.

Wow that was a ton of photos... and only a small portion of what I took at the zoo. According to my parents they have made some big improvements to the zoo in the past few years. I highly recommend going if you are in the area. It is only a quick & cheap bus ride from downtown PV. And don't forget to wander down to the Mismaloya beach after... I loved the coconut shrimp and my new "Raybans" for less than $10!

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