To keep with the theme of the week, here are my fave instas from Mexico!

1. Cherish this moment, you do not see me in a hat very often. I got it at J.Crew in the summer for $5. 2013 might be the year I starting protecting my head. 
2. Kicking butt at tile rummy... we played so many times!
3. Grilled cactus on chips. Yum!
4. The view from our hotel balcony. I miss it!

 5. Beautiful doors downtown.
6. Check out my new "raybans" I got on the beach in Mismaloya! They were less than $10.
7. Don't feed the bears... unless you are in Mexico, then they like bread.
8. Can you see my parents waving from the beach in front of our condo?

Bye PV. See you again soon.

This weekend: class prep, reading, and some other fun stuff on our never ending to-do list! Oh, and another baby sweater to finish by adding buttons. Have a good weekend!

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