Meal plan for the week

It's time to go back to school... that means busy weekdays, productive weekends, new classes, and new years goals. 
This semester I have 2 classes, an independent study, I will be teaching 3 sections of Zumba and working as a TA for a class. I am also starting a new volunteering position (more about that in the future) and hopefully going back to my part-time job. My busy schedule means time we need to be organized with our meals so we eat healthy and always have lunches available! Here's what's for our meals this week:

breakfasts - green juices & Lara bars
lunches - leftovers or swiss chard wraps

Monday - baked sweet potatoes with veggies
Tuesday - protein shakes (Tuesday is our late night this semester)
Wednesday - teriyaki salmon, brown rice, & veggies
Thursday - Walk Ons
Friday - TBD
Saturday - avocado chicken salad

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