A food tour of PVR

I took enough pictures in Puerto Vallarta to blog for about 2 weeks... even though I was only gone 9 days. Instead of breaking down everything we did/saw/ate chronologically, I thought categorizing the photos would be better. Today's choice: food! Don't worry, this is not all I ate. We tend to make breakfast and lunch at home then go out for dinner... though we did make a great garlic shrimp pasta one night! 

Here is all of our fave places in PV and what I ate:

 Victor's Cafe at Marina Vallarta: 
We love the mango and strawberry margaritas, guacamole, and chips with salsa.

 Ernesto's Good Grub:
This place is hard to find and in a small residential neighborhood. You would never think to go in unless you walked by on a Thursday - all you can eat rib night! Everyone else loves the ribs, I am obsessed with the tortilla soup... filled to the brim with goodness! Though I do like a tiny bit a rib meat if someone is willing to share. B said they were the best ribs he has ever had! I made two trips to Ernesto's on my trip!

 La Dolce Vita on the Malecon:
We love any and every pizza! This place is run by Italians so it is legit.

 Chappy's Sports Bar at Marina Vallarta:
This shrimp burrito kicked my butt. I only ate half. We watched the NFC championship game at this sports bar while cheering on Notre Dame.

 Victor again....
This time for coconut shrimp (I am obsessed) and a mini Victor's special (pina colada and kahlua).

This place is downtown a few blocks up from the Malecon. The 5 of us shared 2 bowls of guacamole made at the table and 2 fajitas but each had a huge margarita. There was lots of food to go around!

Mr. Cream at Marina Vallarta:
I had grilled cactus with scrambled eggs and chips! Sooooooo good! Have you ever tried cactus before? I love it!

Yarita Bakery downtown:
One of the best places in town for baked goods.I loved the coconut pie!

We have never been disappointed with a meal in Puerto Vallarta. The food and service is always amazing. For food at "home" we love to go to the grocery store for tortillas, fruit, salsa, chips and other necessities. We also like the fresh fish markets for seafood caught daily!

Oh how I miss PV already! Can we go back yet?

I still have updates on the zoo, the view & the new Malecon!

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