Thank goodness its Friday! Its been a busy week (even though Monday was a holiday) and I have been on the go all day, everyday with class, teaching, volunteering, reading, and keeping life organized. Here's a photo recap of the week:

1. Is that ice on our windshield? Yup... it got to -1C this week!
2. Newest breakfast obsession = protein pancakes. I have no clue why I waited so long to make these. They are healthy, quick & delicious!
3. Casi cielo in a cafe misto has been my "go to" at SB lately.
4. A little mint & emerald inspiration from Nordstrom.

5. Does that red arrow mean we are getting a legit Lululemon in Baton Rouge?!?
6. Pink for a little girl on the way! This pattern is so simple and cute. P.S. Our friends are expecting, not us.
7. Navy & white.
8. Remember that mint obsession at Lululemon? Yup! Purchased the swifty tech LS!

9. The cauliflower couscous I mentioned. Yum!
10. B brought me a cafe misto the other day at school, exactly how I like it!
11. "Run faster than fast stink"... seriously. That's what my socks said. Not me.
12. Just a quick moment to relax outside on campus on a beautiful day. I started my first class in the business school this week. I think it will be challenging but a great addition to my education.

This weekend: maybe some work, lots of school reading, Zumba choreography, work on a publication & my thesis, oh and grocery shopping! Have a great weekend!

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  1. My goodness you sound extremely busy! Found you through Life Rearranged! Good to meet you! =)


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