I share because...

 ... I care. I was always taught it is nice to share.  Pinterest helps us with meal planning every week. How many people out there have never made a recipe from their recipe board? Not this girl! I will not take the credit for any of these creations (just a link back to the original) but because we loved all of these so much I thought you may too. There is no reason to change or adapt a good thing.

huevos rancheros - because who does not love poached eggs with everything
cauliflower couscous - delicious and disappeared very quickly
cheesy quinoa - we added broccoli for an extra veggie

We have been on a big veggie kick since all of our trips over the semester break. I feel like they fill us up with healthy nutrients and delicious flavors. And my "meat and potatoes" guy has not complained once! Actually he loves all the vegetarian recipes I show him. BTW - are eggs vegetarian? 

Now go grab your cheese grater and a head of cauliflower and make some "couscous". I promise it will not disappoint!

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