Vacation time

This morning we leave for Europe for 2 weeks! Its not fully a vacation; B is doing a lecture, I am presenting my research project, and B is teaching for a week. It going to be productive but fun, and hopefully we will have some time to relax too.

First, Lancaster, England:

Next, Dusseldorf, Germany:

Finally, Koln, Germany:

Some of the things I am most excited for include:
touring 3 new places
visiting with friends & meeting new friends
the delicious food
Christmas markets in Germany!

You may, or may not hear from me these next 2 weeks. It will all depend on internet access. Hopefully I will have updates with vacation photos, diy inspiration, and new fashion finds! Yup, I am excited to see some amazing European fashion.

P.S. It is gutsy to take our British friend my homemade satsuma marmalade? Is the UK not the birthplace of marmalade? I feel like the queen may have invented it.

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