Teach me what you have learned

I am fascinated by research, projects, and learning. Even if it is not my exact area of interest, if I can learn something I bet I will enjoy what I am doing. 

Take my current research project, for example. We took a past project and some other research and made a hypothesis. We tested that hypothesis through data collection for the last 4 months. We marked data like crazy. I read tons of research and info in old anatomy and physiology textbooks. We analyzed our data... and guess what happened: the exact opposite of our hypothesis. It could have happened for muscular or reflexive reasons... we do not know yet. So we plan to collect more data doing something very similar. We have also been doing statistical analysis... multiple regression ANOVAs to be exact. Yes, my eyes get glassy just thinking about it. Somedays when I understand ANOVAs I may try to explain it. For now... know that my project continues with an accepted null hypothesis.

I hope to post my conference poster after it is presented in 2 weeks! Time to get back to work... we have lots to do!

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