This week's InstaFriday post is brought to you by LSU football and random food I ate. Yup, those two things summarize my week outside of a statistics midterm and a conference.

 1. We went to the LSU v. South Carolina game on the weekend, it was the gold game so we made sure to dress appropriately. 2. All of the gold in Tiger Stadium looked great! 3. You know the game is getting serious when her hat was backwards and she was yelling like a maniac! In her defense, it was an intense game... 4. Yes, I am a prude, enough said about this.

5. We ate lunch at the Whole Foods hot bar, what you cannot see is that half of my bowl is filled with many different kinds of mushrooms! My obsession is out of control. 6. America, taking the pumpkin obsession to a whole new level. These were tempting to purchase but I did not think we needed all the sugar. 7. On the other hand, I do agree with feeding myself pure sugar in the form of sweedish fish. Yes, I bribe myself to study for statistics with candy. 8. A breakfast burrito from Whole Foods that amazed me. What a perfect addition to Sunday morning grocery shopping!

This weekend, grading assignments, studying, reading, working on my to-do list, some fun fitness classes and working. It will be jam packed but I like it that way!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I've never even seen pumpkin marshmallows, I'm tempted to find and buy some!

  2. Cracking up that you didn't buy the marshmallows, but ate the swedish fish. Too funny. :) My kids would love those marshmallows. Your husbands shirt is pretty much hysterical. One of the only situations where it's ok for words like to be worn right? Happy Friday!


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