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I read an article for class this past week that really took my interest. For research methods, students can send in articles for the class to read and critique as a group. This is a great way to find out the research interests of your classmates as well as learn something new. The article was from another student in motor behavior... my area of study, but with different research interests. 

"Self-controlled feedback facilitates motor learning in both high and low activity individuals" by Fairbrother, et al, 2012. 

What this article tells us is that no matter the skill level of an participant, performance tends to improve if the subjects has control over when they receive feedback. This article was specific to throwing skills... but it really caught my interest because of its applicability to other areas. 

As a past synchronized skater, I wonder how this would relate to coaches for this sport. What is synchronized skating? Check this out:
this video is from YouTube... but I was at this performance and still feel the excitement everytime I watch the video

On a team sport, how would a coach provide feedback knowing that self-controlled feedback shows greater performance improvement than scheduled feedback? Not everyone on the team may agree that feedback is needed after each trial. I asked the student who submitted the article this exact question... can you predict his answer? There has not been any research done in this area yet, but that's what he wants to do for his research. I cannot wait to find out what he learn through his research.

Did you learn something new?

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