The theme of this week was productivity! Data collected, data marked, data analyzed. I cannot wait to tell you more on Tuesday of next week. I also had some great Zumba classes and today is 2 full Pilates classes! That's right kids, no pushups, no running stairs, no plank marathons! Just some amazing pilates moves that will kick your butt.

Here's some exciting moments this week:
1. Bought the Lululemon wunder under crop in bordeaux. They are beautiful, what a great purchase. I think I am now obsessed with these crops in color (rather than the 3 black pairs I have) and want more, sorry B! 2. Watching the Rider game from the south again. I was multitasking while reading and studying. 3. We made an amazing lettuce-free taco salad this week. It had shredded carrots, green onion, beans, pork, homemade guacamole, salsa, cheese and flax chips. Yum! 4. Stats reading is so much better when accompanied by great leftovers.

This weekend: grocery shopping, cooking, data analysis, reading, and work. The weather is supposed to be beautiful so hopefully a walk to our local coffee shop will happen too!

See you Monday!

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