Every week just keep getting busier, seriously. Classes, research, teaching, and trying to find time to relax has keep me busy this week.

1. My fave blush finally came in the mail. After 4 sold out locations I was finally found a department store that had it... so I ordered 3 to get free shipping and so I do not need to fret about this in the near future. It was a stressful time this last month... 2. Still learning about stats. I am official ahead by 2 assignments because of cancelled classes... hurricane Issac, labor day, and a bomb threat. Oh LSU. 3. Caught the cat again during a FaceTime session! 4. Need these Lululemon capris asap! I have them in black but fell in love with bordeaux. Saturday will be the day!

Have a wonderful weekend! We will be at home doing work and relaxing!


  1. Replies
    1. It is called "peaches" by MAC. Its been my fave for years.


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