It was nice to have a short week! I feel as though this week has been a productive one... which is very nice to be thinking on a Friday. Some of the best moments were, of course, captures on my instagram app.

1. Want to know what happens when you go to school on a Friday after a storm? Well this girl found $6 in the parking lot at the end of the day! 2. Did my meal planning with Martha this week. We had a great week of meals. Many times we said "we need to make this again". When life is busy with school it is so nice to be able to have a healthy and fresh meal on the table. 3. A Starbucks date on Saturday morning. Enough said. 4. Watching the Riders... they finally won a game! I am thankful for ESPN3 from the south.

5. Saw my Peter's magnet on the fridge... suddenly got a strong desire for a milkshake. 6. Went to Starbucks one morning and made a great discovery... pumpkin spice is back! We are obsessed! 7. Did you buy the living social deal for Starbucks? I sure did. Too bad I could not buy more than one. 8. Needed to go to Hobby Lobby this week and found out that Christmas trees and decorations are out. Ho Ho Ho! Is it Christmas break yet?

This weekend: work, read, meal plan/ get groceries, and relax. It's a very typical weekend. They claim there is a "cold front" coming through so we may need to go for a walk. Oh! and some LSU tailgating on Saturday too! Have a great weekend!



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