Teach me something

The best way to know you have learned something is by being able to teach it to someone else. You shall be my someone.

the only photo I have of my office thus far

I do not have much to say from my classes as they only started yesterday... and we only went through the syllabus. But I can comment on my independent study. 

Did you know, when pointing to a remembered location in space, people tend to point above a target that is below their eye level but below targets that are at eye level or above. People tend to reach lower when in the dark, which corrects for the error in the low target, improving accuracy at this level. Next we want further explore the effect of gravity on pointing relative to the trunk... our plan is to have people point at targets while suspended upside down on a tilt table. I spent 2.5 minutes of my life yesterday upside down trying to set up the experiment. The things we do for research...

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