Meal planning

Life changes starting today. No more hanging out at home, part time job, workout when I feel like it me. Today, graduate school starts. Yup, I am back to being a student and very excited for it. This means packing my lunch everyday, 2 night classes therefore 2 dinners at school, and making meals that provide leftovers we will enjoy. Also, meal planning helps us save money since we will not be tempted to eat out if we have ingredients in the fridge.

Here's what's for dinner this week!
Sunday - chicken with mushroom (Sept Everyday Food p.90), roasted broccoli, & quinoa with spinach (p. 108)
Monday - leftover gnocchi and meat sauce (Sept Everyday Food p.75)
Thursday - trout, potato, and romaine salad
Friday - out
Saturday - coq au vin, asparagus, & tomato salad

Can you tell we love Everyday Food magazine?

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