Scallop salad pizza

I mentioned a couple weeks ago we had the best homemade pizza we had ever made. Well... we outdid ourselves already! We used to go to a restaurant that would put any salad on a pizza crust and we have always wanted to try this at home.

The recipe is really simple. I have also discovered that when we tag-team dinner, I have no clue what B is doing so it is hard to give you our exact recipe! Oops... but I like it this way as it is fun to be in the kitchen to together.

Make this pizza crust. Once risen and rolled out, top with a drizzle of evoo and fresh mozzarella. Bake for 20 minutes at 450.
Sautee scallops in white wine, evoo, and herbs.
Make any chopped salad... we just use anything that is in the fridge.
Top cooked crust with scallops, cut into slices, top with salad, and enjoy.

I also discovered the trick to getting the dough to rise quickly. Put it on the washer while it is running in a sunny room. Or maybe using fresh yeast just did the trick. Whatever it was, we loved our crust tonight.

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