Summer is here!

I can officially say that my summer has started? Why?  Well, the past month  I have been busy studying to write the GRE. I checked that off my to-do list yesterday so now I can spend the next 2 months doing what I want to do!

Some of those things include:
finishing the 2 books I have left stranded next to the bed
being more consistent with my workouts
applying to grad school... considering that is why I wrote the test
going on vacation to Boston!
going to a pilates continuing education conference in Houston! (which also means going back to The Tasting Room, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Ikea, and Central Market! We are bringing a cooler this time to bring back all the wonderful goodies from Central Market)
completing a knitting project for a friend who is expecting
 hitting up the pool... with my sunscreen in tow
preparing for a fall garden
working on a paper and poster presentation

Happy summer! Mine starts.... NOW!
Oh, and happy Independence Day to all my American friends and family! I celebrated Canada Day on Sunday with some intense studying and a killer workout!

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