Hitting the road shortly for a quick weekend in Houston! I have a pilates conference to attend and we get some time to relax too. It also means we get to go to Central Market on Sunday! Here's my week in photos:

1. Common CAD, make me some $$$! 2. Organic lemonade was on sale at Whole Foods, can you tell? 3. Started eating breakfast cookies again! 4. Then ended up back at Whole Foods for pizza on Thursday, yum! 5. Homemade popcorn, our fave. 6. A comfy research day ootd. 7. Went to Starbucks last Friday for a free refresher, I  really liked it! 8. It was cool enough to wear jeans in the south in July! 9. More CFL!

Sorry for being so quick! Heading out the door now!

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