Making It Right

Have you heard of Making it Right? I had not heard of it until a friend came to visit and he requested we go on our trip to New Orleans. What an experience! Take a peek at the link to learn more... it is such an amazing program that really seems to be making a difference. Here are some of the photos I took of the area:

all of the homes are safe, sustainable and affordable with modern architecture

the little free library - we learned about this on the news a few years back, it was great to see they have implemented this in the neighborhood - I like my reflection in the photo

more photos of the program information site and some local gardens

I love this photo I took! What a great representation of a great program. I am also surprised at some of the photos I can take with my iPhone.

Take a peek at the Making It Right website to learn more. It was really moving to walk through the neighborhood and see all their hard work. They have posted photos of the flooding and point out exactly where you are standing in the flood. If you are every in NOLA you should check it out or send your support!

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