I worked... I worked out... I cleaned... and I researched. Yup, another typical week in this household! We have various visitors staying with us this next week and I have a long to-do list so lets get right to my photos!

Oh, I just realized it is June 1! Where did May go?

1. My new skirt from Target! It is comfortable while still looking stylish... exactly my style. 2. My fave snack is a sliced banana with peanut butter on top. Great portion size, added protein, and slightly sweet! 3. Check out this orange heirloom growing in my garden this week! I already ate it and it was amazing. 4. When we were at Central Market in TX, I purchased some parchment muffin liners. What an amazing idea! I used them when making baked oatmeal earlier this week and nothing stuck to the cup! I need to find these in Baton Rouge.

5. Bodypump... how I missed you! I cannot wait to fit more classes at Bally's into my schedule. 6. Are we at Jason's Deli again? 7. The most amazing sign at Whole Foods. It is true, you know. 8. Last evening after it rained it was only +22C in Baton Rouge. It felt cool. I cannot believe I just said that. 

Have an amazing weekend!


  1. Jealous of your gorgeous tomato! I have lots of blooms on my plant, so I'm hopeful. :)

    1. Thanks! I planted them at the end of February so they have had lots of time to grow.


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