This week has been a mellow one. It has been atleast 100F everyday so I have spent lots of time inside trying to stay hydrated.

1. Check out these watermelons! Someone I know could make some killer helmets from these. 2. We opened some of our wedding wine on the weekend to celebrate our first anniversary. It was delish. 3. The beautiful blue sky = excessive heat. It might be nice to look at but it means more time inside hiding. 4. It was crazy humid last weekend after it rained... then our windows steamed up!

5. This week I have been loving peanut butter on seeduction bread from Whole Foods. Obsessed. 6. Dinner on Wednesday was my fave sandwich (brie, spinach, turkey, and fig jam), vegan cookies, and a lavender drink that was weird. 7. Did you hear this big announcement?!? The Spice Girls are doing a musical. It opens in London on Dec 11. I am trying to figure out a way to make it to a show. Anyone want to join me? I just watched the media video and sang through the entire thing! It makes me reminisce about going to the reunion tour! Yes, I am that excited. 8. I reunited with iced chai. It was amazing.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I hope mine is filled with productivity, sunshine, and loads of water.

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