Good morning! Happy Friday to all!
This week has gone by quick. It was filled with studying, a couple wonderful dates, some working, and lots of sunshine.

1. I ended up being on campus Monday around lunch for a meeting. After, B and I went to Serrano's for some fajitas. It was delish. I also love their artwork. I think it looks great against the brick walls. 2. Great coffee deserves great food. Currently, I  am obsessed with the SB veggie and monterey jack breakfast sandwich to go with my usual iced coffee.  3. A date at the bookstore, our fave. 4. One day it rained so hard I could barely see where I was driving. Luckily the interstate was not moving so I had a chance to take a photo of the sideways rain. As I took this I heard there was a 50% chance of rain that day. I would say more like a 50% chance it will rain so hard you cannot see where you are driving and should have stayed home.

 5. Obsessed with iced coffee. I really like making instant via into iced coffee. They were on sale at Target... a box of 8 for $6... I picked up 6 boxes. Obsessed? Its cheaper than going to SB everyday! And healthier because I can use almond milk in it at home. 6. I was working in B's office this week for a bit. We really need to hang his cardinals flag because it is taking up my desk space! 7. Currently, I am really into my green No2 pencil skirt with my mint tee and brown accessories. 8. Still knitting. I cannot show you more because I know the recipient will be reading this!

In other interesting news. Want to read about a study I participated in? Here's the link. Remember, I got a gift card to Lulu and B got one for Crate & Barrel!

Also, I found out yesterday I got accepted to present at Neuroscience 2012! It is my first international conference so it is quite an exciting moment for me.

Time to tackle my to-do list. We have a visitor for the next 5 days and I have lots to get done before he arrives.

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