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When trying to achieve something it is important to have a plan. Seriously. When it comes to losing weight (you know it is on your mind, summer is coming), part of the plan must be working out and the other is healthy eating.

Food comes first because if you eat unhealthy you will never show progress with your workouts. We 100 % need to plan ahead every week. Its not that we I am super busy but if I already have a plan I  am less likely to make bad choices. I have these two note pads from Anthropologie that we depend on every week. Run out of something mid week? Put it on the list! Can't decide what to eat? Check the plan and start cooking! No excuses to order pizza (although we do have a stock of our fave frozen organic pizza in the freezer). I love home cooked meals. I am also know for reminding select people to eat their vegetables. Many of our meals are based on what is on sale along with vegetables. Like the tilapia sale at Albertsons this weekend. Fish tacos here we come! You caught me, nothing is planned for food next weekend. Want to know why? Its a new month. That means new coupons and sales at Whole Foods! That means I left it blank on purpose so we can try some new things!

Everyone is different so you must find something that works for you. I love classes but I also love working out by myself or going for a walk with B. Can't afford a gym membership? Well you no longer have an excuse not to workout! Sorry. Here are some of my favorite fitness resources that keep me moving every single day. 

Bodyrock - its 12 minutes a day. Everyone has 12 minutes per day to workout. A new 30 day challenge just started and I will be doing this everyday in May! 
The Fitnessista - cardio and strength workouts you can do at home or the gym... can't decide what to do? Its no longer an excuse. Find a killer workout, kick your own butt, and enjoy every moment of it.
Tone It Up - I love these girls. They post great workouts and healthy meals. I like to do their workouts on Sunday evenings while watching TV. If you have been to our house you know we do not have a sofa (we just have not found one yet) so if you want to watch our non-cable on demand TV (thanks Hulu) you must sit in a camping chair or workout. My option = workout.
Blogilates - I am a strong believer in pilates. A strong core is important for everything you do and to prevent injury... doing everyday things like sitting at a desk all day. Here you will find some great workouts with printables so you can take your workout anywhere! Like vacation... mat pilates so portable and quick!

There you have it. I have not set foot in a gym in 3 months... Is that an excuse? Nope! There are so many amazing free resource online with free workouts and healthy meal plans. I also read 3 healthy living blogs everyday: Peanut Butter Fingers (she works out every morning... great motivation for me), Sweet Tooth Sweet Life (posts great workouts and meal ideas along with other fun stuff to remind you to have balance in your life), and Carrots N Cake (I wish I had the guts to try Crossfit, someday). And if you still don't feel motivated go on the fitness boards on Pinterest. That will motivate you to go do a workout and there are some great ones posted on there too!

Now go get some paper, plans your meals and corresponding grocery list. Then plan your workouts. Not much time? Bodyrock! More time? Go for a run outside or take a class. On average, it only takes 40 day to make something a habit. Conveniently the Bodyrock 30 day challenge started yesterday so you only have plan the last 10 days by yourself. Start a great habit today.

Today's Bodyrock workout:
 intermediate level bodyweight only fit test
Squat Jump & 1/2 Burpee - 15, 12, 14
Superman Push Ups - 8, 10, 12
Elevated Tricep Dips - 16, 18, 20
Elevated Knee Abs - 14, 16, 17 

2 minutes after I finished my workout my new Lululemon tank arrived! What a great reward for my hard work!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the sites. I'm always looking for new ones.
    I've been following Bodyrock since 2009.
    I like your wall charts, too. Those are really great!

    Here's more: 1) Zuzana Light has her own channel now with workouts -- search Zuzka Light on You Tube. 2)Tara Stiles-- does awesome yoga videos. 3) Fitnessabode.com -- plugging myself LOL


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