TGIF! I did not really have a busy week but it felt productive. I did some killer workouts, took time to relax, and started a new craft project!

1. I am still reminiscing about our trip to Houston! It was so much fun! I think I found a reason for us to go back in July! 2. We had a tomato and basil salad this week... all ingredients from our garden. It was amazing. 3. I purchased some local blueberries to add to my greek yogurt for breakfast. Mmmm. 4. I took some time to straighten my hair this week to see how long it is. Definitely need a haircut next week to get rid of the ends that are fried from the heat.

Have an amazing weekend.


  1. LOVE your blog! Just found it thru life rearranged. LOVE that you represent HEALTH! :)



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