This week was filled with productivity, warm weather, and a couple dates! What more could I ask for?

1. I love when restaurants serve wine from Riedel glasses. Everything tastes better from a crystal glass! 2. You'll never regret a workout. The other day I had to make myself workout so I did one of my fave DVDs. I felt very refreshed and motivated after. Thank goodness for Tone It Up and a great workout motto. 3. We went on a bookstore date to Barnes & Noble. During a study break I did some research on restaurants in Houston with winning wine lists! 4. Then I had an oreo dessert, it was sinful but delicious... everything in moderation.

 5. A wine date at happy hour prior to work on a Monday night? It made my Monday complete! 6. Check out this fish at Whole Foods! It is hard to tell in the photo but it was larger than my torso! 7. I also read a new Self Magazine special at the bookstore, I think I may need to pick up this edition as it had some killer workouts. 8. I had a salad at Whole Foods this week... it was loaded with spring mix, cucumber, mandarins, craisins, blue cheese and a tiny bit of avocado dressing! Yum!

9. I have been creeping my neighbors hydrangea bush all week! I finally got some photos of the beautiful flowers. Hydrangeas are my fave! 10. On Thursdays at Whole Foods custom take home pizzas are $9.99! We had Italian sausage, roasted tomatoes, and mushrooms on a whole wheat crust. We will be back for another one of these pizzas. 11. Hey dad, want some bread pudding? He is obsessed and they have it everywhere here... even the hot bar at WF! 12. Packed all my weekend necessities in a Lulu bag. What does that mean? Vacation photos next week!

Have a wonderful weekend! This weekend is a special one for us. It is B's birthday and our 2 year engagement anniversary.

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  1. It looks like you had a really fun week. I enjoyed your pics, although the fish head was a big surprise! Have a wonderful weekend away.


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