Houston highlights #2

On Friday night in Houston we went to the Astros and Rangers game. B loves baseball, I am learning to love to go to games, we like to visit new stadiums, and the food isn't too shabby either. Who would have thought this girl would enjoy going to baseball games.

The stadium was small so our $20 tickets really did not seem too far away from the action. There were lots of empty seats but that did not ruin the energy of the game. We loved the stadium and the seats were very comfortable!

I love taking photos of us at games because sometimes that is how I get the best shots of us! I love the middle photo... but I did have to crop it because the guy behind me totally photo bombed us! Did you see our dinner? It was brisket nachos with queso and salsa! They were delish. I always love stadium food. Its fun to try new things and we always like to look for things unique to that location.

We got a great surprise at the end of the night. They opened up the stadium roof and had a fireworks show! The Houston skyline was beautiful and clear for the show.

We were impressed by the fireworks (I guess they do this every Friday). We will have to remember this for the future as I am always up for a fireworks show!

Take me out to the ball game!

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