Interesting notes from the day

Today has been an excellent day. Want to know why? Of course you do! 

1. This morning I got am email from The Daily Buzz Health Living Team stating I was featured in today's Top 9! What for you may ask? Well, fave fitness wear of course. Can anyone take a guess what my post was about... Lululemon! I  am obsessed but that is quite obvious if you read my blog, take a peek in my closet, or see me on any given day.

Even better... I was featured with some blogs that I read everyday, like The Fitnessista and Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. Thank you Daily Buzz!

2. I stopped by J Crew today, another obsession of mine. I could have bought one of everything in the store. Though I been loving the unemployed life, this was my motivation to get a job so I can afford their beautiful clothes. Even better yet, they should hire me so I can have $ to buy the clothes and get a staff discount. Great  idea! Here are some of my faves from the store:

There were so many amazing pieces in the store. Lots of solids, a few patterned pieces, and some great accessories. Maybe I will use some bday money to buy 1 or 2 new pieces. Must get job... I promise I keep telling myself this. I also need to take B when I go so he keeps me under control and he can use his educator card to get me 15% off!

3. Today I wore shorts. Why is this relevant? Well, yesterday I came up with the brilliant idea I should wear pants when it is +27 so +40 does not feel so hot when it happens. It seemed like a good idea until I walked out the door. Not such a good idea. I have still not adjusted to my warmer climate. The locals can wear pants, mine have been put away for the spring, summer and fall.

4. Tonight is date night. We are going to Target to buy curtain rods and to Cheeseburger Cheeseburger for supper. I need curtain rods as something exciting has arrived! You will hear about that tomorrow!

Have a great evening.

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