DIY: screen

Do you ever wonder what I am up to when I do not blog for a few days? Me too. Actually... I guess I just made a big assumption people are actually reading my blog. Well, the past 2 days have been full of DIYs. 
Or as I like to call it, getting my craft on. I am a very visual person and I love textiles of all kinds. I am also big into making something old useful and beautiful again. When posed with a home decor problem, I can usually find a solution. 

Problem: no space for our freezer

Did you know houses in Louisiana do not have basements? Well now you know. No basement = no storage. If all my Canadian friends take a moment to think about it... where do you keep your freezer? That's right, the basement. We inherited my grandmother's apartment size freezer when she no longer wanted it (thanks grandma!) and we like to cook and freeze portions. Hence, the freezer moved with us. 

When organizing the house I found an old screen in the back shed. It was worn, I was not into the color, and it needed some TLC. Problem solved! Use the screen to hide the freezer... in the spare bedroom that is just around the corner from the kitchen. And really, we live in a rental house so I did not want to do anything too costly or that could not be moved. I cleaned all the cob webs and dust off the screen, sanded the rough edges, then brought it inside.

Once I knew my vision would work, I jumped in the car and headed out to two of my fave places: Home Depot and Anthropologie to make some purchases. 

Home depot: 1 quart can of behr interior flat paint in "polar bear" = $10.78
Anthropologie: 2 decorative replacement handles = $21.80

I gave then screen 2 coats of paint (by the way, 1 quart was the perfect amount) and replaced the handles. Simple as pie. Seriously.

With the completed project in place, you cannot even tell my freezer is behind there! Brilliant.I really like the contrast against the wood floors and the neutral color.

Total cost = $32.58


  1. I read every blog you post!

    1. Thanks Lynn! I am glad someone is reading this!


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