DIY: pouf

I love modern home decor. One of the things I have been lusting over since I saw it on Pinterest was this pouf from CB2:

This beauty is $89.95 + tax & shipping! I know it is nice but that is just way too much. I am quite proud of my crafting and knitting skills so I knew this one would be easy to re-create!

With a few coupons and trips to Michaels as well as a trip to Walmart for cotton batting to use as stuffing, I was ready to go! This project did not take much time due to the chunky knit and simple pattern. Oh, I used this pattern as is was simple and free!

 It works wonderfully as a footstool due to the height and softness.

I would like to make another one of these next time yarn goes on sale at Michales. I plan to make it wider next time as well as stuff it with something a bit more firm. Also, the next one will probably be a different color, I am thinking charcol.

If you want one, let me know! I promise not to charge as much as CB2.

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