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I am starting to settle into our new home. I have been busy organizing, making lists, and baking. So really, nothing has changed. If you know someone who wants to hire me to organize their life, I am ready!
Just a few fun updates. Or maybe things to make you jealous. Here is the sunset out of back door last night:

I have also been loving the produce down here. Mangoes - 2 for $1 and avocados... 39 cents each! I now realize that Edmonton has crazy grocery prices! I used to think it was normal... but not anymore.

I hit up our local coffee shop this morning after my hour walk around the lake. I cannot wait to take visitors there for yummy food, delish drinks, and a beautiful outdoor patio! My drink of choice today was a soy chai.

Here is a view of the lake I mentioned. My parents are going to love visiting so they can walk here too! I hope to improve my running endurance and run the perimeter soon. I've got some work to do in this area.

Speaking of working out. I have decided to do the BodyRock 30 day challenge that started yesterday! Want to join me? Its easy and free! Just go to their website, check out the daily workout, and kick your own butt in the comfort of your own home. This works perfectly for me since we do not have a gym membership yet. Also, I cannot use time as an excuse since its only 12 min per day (okay, and not working has given me some free time too).

Here are my fit test scores (in 50 seconds):
squat jumps - 33
pushups - 12
burpees - 10
high knees - 101
jump lunges - 20
tuck jumps - 17
tricep dips - 18
straight abs - 15

I'll let you know my new scores in 30 days. 

P.S. Notice the lack of house pictures? We still have no furniture... but we hope to fix that soon!

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