Avocado pasta

Last night after running some errands, we made dinner. It was a new recipe for us... and definitely one we will keep for quick week night meals. 

Doesn't the sauce look creamy and delicious? Well folks, there is no dairy in it. No cream. No cheese. Nothing! If you check out the recipe you will see the creaminess comes from the avocado. Yes... my avocado that cost me 39 cents!

Don't be scared by the vegan label. I used to think all vegan recipes had tofu and were weird. I was wrong. We eat vegetarian atleast one day per week. I find meat to be over priced and very poor quality. This cuts down on the grocery bill and is good for our bodies too.

I did my bodyrock 30 day challenge workout this morning. It kicked my butt. I did the first portion in 28:39.2 and the ab portion with 17, 90, and 40 reps respectively.

Then I ate this:
I love homemade muffins! And kiwi... 3 for $1.

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