Lusting over...

 Contrary to B's belief, I do lust over things other than professional athletes (Taylor Hall & John Morris) and celebrity chefs (Chuck Hughes). When I travel I get to see new fashions, stores, and trends. My travels have given me new inspiration such as pink everything, mint pants and everything HBC. 

Before I moved away from Edmonton, I threw myself a going away party at Lululemon. The theme was pink. The party might have been slightly over the top but was oh so worth it. 

I have also been reading lots about Nars lipstick on various blogs. I thought I should give it a try when I saw a Nars counter at HBC. The cosmetician helped me pick a style and a few colors. I ended up purchasing Mexican Rose in crayon format. It is beautiful, fun, and vibrant. Just what I needed to help me get through winter! 

I have also been loving the idea of these mint colored jeans from Zara. I'm a huge fan. I wonder if I can pull them off. I saw them for $15 on the website but when I went to the store in MTL they were still full price. Bummer. Maybe one day it will be meant to be.

Finally, The Bay in MTL was amazing. All of their HBC Collection items were beautiful and the selection was better than I have ever seen before. I am obsessed and would like one of everything please! I think a blanket would look beautiful in our new house, the scarf around my neck, and a mug in my hand full of tea.

Time to go to the gym so I can hopefully go down a pant size before I buy the Zara mint jeans. I bet I will be wearing pink!

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