Today's InstaFriday is going to be a bit different. I have been living out of a suitcase (okay maybe two) at a friend's house. I have been trying to keep myself busy with working out, knitting, and healthy eating. I think I have been quite successful.

1. I have been brainstorming lots about what I can eat that is quick, healthy and does not take lots of ingredients. I had shrimp stirfry with 3 meals of leftovers. 2. Tim Hortons chili (with mushrooms, of course). 3. Lara bars. These are my savior. They were a quick and healthy snack whenever needed. 4. A salmon salad sandwich from Upper Crust.

5. A panini from Sobeys. 6. Protein shakes with almond milk. 7. Dinner with friends at Famoso (with leftovers of course). 8. Made dinner for friends at their house (shrimp, pasta, broccoli, and salad). Healthy eating mission accomplished.

9-11. I have spent my weekend knitting, watch The Bachelor on my iPad, and dining out with friends. 12. Check out our receipt from Famoso! -$25 for redeeming wine club points, -$10 for a coupon, -$28.83 for a staff discount. Since when do we work at Famoso? I guess when you go there enough you confuse them into thinking you work there.

I am also obsessed with variegated yarn right now for some reason. Aren't these beautiful? I want to get something like this for the new house to make dishcloths. Yes, I might look like a crazy lady taking photos of yarn at Michaels but I really liked these colors and needed a visual. 

My new two weeks will be full of travels and hopefully lots of amazing photos.

P.S. I use the Instagram app on the iPhone to take all my photos, and edit using Google Picasa (if I have access to a desktop) or the Photogene app then post using the Blogsy app for the iPad... incase you are interested.


  1. I linked up to InstaFriday for the first time and I took a photo of some LaraBars I bought this week, but didn't include it in the blog. I just bought them for the first time and they are pretty tasty! Do you have a favorite flavor?

  2. I kinda want to tear into that sandwich right now!


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