I say my final goodbye to Edmonton this weekend. Here are the top 5 things I will miss:

5. Lululemon, Joe Fresh & others Canadian retailers
Contrary to popular, Canada produces some amazing clothing. We all know I love Lululemon, I do not think I need to express how much I will miss it since they do not have a store in Baton Rouge. On the other hand, I  really will miss stopping by the grocery store and coming home with clothes. Oops. "Chelsea, what are skinny cords on the grocery receipt?"  Lol. Did you know Joe Fresh is designed by the same person who does Club Monaco? No wonder both are my go-to stores for new clothes! I know I will find replacements (i.e. J Crew and Loft) but these stores will always have a place in my heart.

4. Famoso & Spartacus Pizza
I love pizza. Anywhere. Anytime. And leftovers for breakfast are even better! I cannot decide which pizza I like better. At Spartacus we always got the spinach supreme and barbecue chicken. At Famoso I think I have tried everything on the menu! The prices are great and the service is excellent. I think my fave there is the fire-roasted tomato bisque and a gorgonzola walnut salad pizza!

Its not secret, I love fitness classes. I have discovered so many great classes while in Edmonton and so many amazing boutique gyms and my gym. They keep me challenged everyday. I also fell in love with reformer pilates so much that I became a certified Stott instructor while I was here (thanks to some encouragement from a few instructors of mine!). If you are looking to change up your routine, go check out some of my fave classes on my fitness page or click on the links above!

Such wonderful ingredients! We have made some amazing dinners from things we have purchased at this store. I love their meat and cheese counter, their frozen stuffed pasta, and canned/ jarred goods like tomatoes, EVOO, vinegar, and foie gras! Yes people, they have foie gras! Its not longer my little secret since I am leaving so you should go buy some and enjoy it on fresh baguette! Almost as good as what I ate in France this summer, its so nice to be able to find rare ingredients.

1. my bestie and all the other wonderful friends I have made
You have accepted me into your lives and your families and been such a wonderful support to me in good times and sad. I do not know what I would do without you these past 5.5 years. Wow. I cannot believe it has been that long. I will miss you, but don't worry, I will see you again. I am just not sure where or when yet!
Please keep in touch!

Next on my Canadian tour: Regina, Montreal, Regina, Montreal, Regina... then hopefully my new home! Let the travels begin!

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  1. 1st to post... Whoot! We'll miss you guys too. Stay in touch -Guy


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