Welcome to my past week. It was busy, fun filled, and very productive! I am also trying a new format this week for my photos.

1. pate = amazing 2. I have been trying to use up the bananas in the freezer like a mad woman. Thank goodness B like banana muffins. These are my usual recipe but I used oat bran instead of flax as its all I had. 3. After dinner with friends last weekend we helped their boys make a gingerbread train... so much fun, especially when H tried a peppermint then called it spicy! 4. Trying to use up all the food in our house means random but delicious meals. This was a doozie.

5. Did you know they now have bottles of Mt. Boucherie reserve wine at Famoso? It was delish with our pizza...  and $25 off with the redemption of 100 wine club points. 6. I have been knitting like a manic lately. I started a cream colored cowl upon completing of the purple scarf for my colleague. 7. And it was done 2 days later. Here is the pattern. 8. I am usually not a fan of caesar salad but the one at Famoso is amazing... and great for sharing. Good choice boys.

9. I saw these cookies on my friend Hailey's blog. They looked simple. Not so much, but maybe I just added too many dry ingredients. A wise baker once told me to measure accurately! They still turned out delicious but they are not as nice to look at. Go check out her blog for some great baking recipes! 10. Still using up more bananas and making more muffins. This time I added blackberries on top for something different. I do not think we will ever gets sick of these muffins. On the other hand, we only have 3 frozen bananas left so I will only be making one more batch in Canada. 11. How is your Christmas decorating coming long? My only decor has been red and green M&Ms. Moving at this time of year really throws you for a loop! 12. Oh and I also had Canadian maple gelato at Famoso. It tastes like the donut at Timmys.

See you next week!

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