October recap

October was another busy month for us, then again, what month has not been busy for us in the past year? In October I took 3 trips:
Ottawa for Canadian Stroke Congress
Illinois for our second wedding reception
Banff for a quick vacation with friends

Okay, so the trip to Banff happened for another reason too. We got a gift certificate at our wedding from Williams & Sonoma which happens to be in Calgary. When looking for a hotel for the weekend, a deal came out from Living Social Escapes for The Fox in Banff. It was cheaper than staying in the city, and we love Banff, so we changed our plans slightly. We went through Calgary on our way home and bought this with our gift certificate:

Isn't it beautiful? It is enamel coated and made of cast iron. It can be used on the stove top, in the oven, or on a BBQ! I cannot wait to make something in this, like soup or stew!

Other successes of October:
it did not snow!
we did some major house cleaning and organizing
our workout schedule was the most consistent we have ever been (despite 3 vacations) and we started going in the morning more often

Goals for November:
make some new adjustments to my workout plan so I do not get stuck in a workout rut
organize our closets and donate some old clothes
finish buying Christmas gifts (we bought quite a few in France this summer!)
post some wedding photos!

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