Sad news in Ottawa

I spent the past 4 days in Ottawa for work. It was a great trip with lots of learning, good food, and some sight seeing. I went for a run along the Rideau Canal, saw the parliament buildings, and got some fresh air. Since the rest of my time was at a conference, I do not have much else to show.

Isn't is beautiful? This photo was behind the parliament along the river that divides Ontario from Quebec. I was jammin to the new LMFAO album during my run!

On my trip, I also got some sad news. My camera died. The lens is jammed in the out position. I have no clue how it happened. That means... iPod touch photos for a while. Sorry!

Ottawa was a wonderful city with lots of culture. I loved the ByWard Market but did not do any shopping since the taxes are so much higher than at home... and we have the same stores! I did bring back some pumpkin cupcakes from The Cupcake Lounge for B. They were eaten before I could take a photo!

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