Happy Friday! It's the unofficial start of summer... although our weather has been quite hot for the past month. Today I am skipping out of work early to hang out with B, we have a wedding to go to tomorrow, and Sunday to rest! Here are some highlights from the past weeks:
1. Final exams could not be here quick enough this semester! For me & my students...
2. B and I have kept up our running and walking since lent. We are trying go log 100 miles in the 8 weeks before summer! We are half way there!
3. Graduation flowers from my parents, grandma & brothers! What a fun surprise at the door!
4. B & I at graduation. His outfit is so fancy! I am officially done my MS degree! It's so nice to have have achieved that accomplishment.
5. Then we celebrated at The Blend with wine, chilled tomato soup and shrimp & grits!
6. I started taking classes at Pure Barre. My crazy schedule has not allowed me to be as consistent as I would like to be but I have been enjoying the workout when I can!
7. I had my first day of work this week as an OT in 2.5 years! It kind of seems surreal to be back after working so hard to get my license since moving. I got to shadow some amazing therapists. For now, I am taking on PRN work at two amazing rehabilitation hospitals until I find something full time!
8. Love this girl! She is just so cute and loves to hang out in the sunshine!

Have a great weekend!

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