Happy Friday! This week flew by! I am excited for another weekend of relaxation, hopefully some yoga, and maybe a run if it des not rain all weekend. Here are some highlights from the week:

1. My new permanent resident card arrived in the mail. What a great photo! I did not know government documentation could arrive with such a well taken photo.

2. I am obsessed with my jorts. I have a feeling these will be worn a ton this summer! Okay, let's get real, it already feels like summer here and I have been living in my jorts.

3. Homemade shrimp & grits. My fave!

4. We went on a date to Bin77 last night. The wine was great, the service was great, and once again, I had shrimp & grits. I am starting to really love this southern living thing.

Have a great weekend!


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