Happy Friday once again! I had a good week, nothing too exciting but overall enjoyable. I worked, I taught, I ran, I did pilates. Here are some highlights:

1. I have been running all week for Lent. On Monday I surprised myself and ran 2 miles straight on the treadmill! I was not fast by any means but I did it. I took it one minute at a time, finished a mile and decided I could do another!

2. My taste buds have been loving new foods. I have really been into stuffed green olives and mini pickles lately. No, I am not pregnant. I had wine with my pickles.

3. My husband knows me so well. Who does not love big hair and poodles? Clearly when my hair is big I am closer to heaven.

4. My yearly birthday flowers from my parents! It's always so fun to have flowers delivered on your birthday!

Have a great weekend! We plan to go to the St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday, run (of course), and find some time to relax too!


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