Happy Friday! I was thinking this week went by really fast but then I realized it was a 3 day week. It was a productive week so I enjoyed that too. Here are some highlights:

1. I went to a mat pilates class put on by Lululemon and Studio7. I always forget how difficult mat pilates is until I actually participate in a full class.

2. A great hair day deserved a selfie. I still love my new haircut!

3. Brrrr. Enought said.

4. It's official, all one year old girls need a pink tutu for their first birthday party. So cute!

5. I love stripes, navy and my NB runners. Why not combine all 3?

6. I really like shopping at The Container Store. Truly, I just love organization and this place has everything I could ever dream of when it comes to keeping things in their place.

7. The Tasting Room is definitely one of my fave places to get wine. I really love that I can sample everything before I make a choice.

8. Running for lent has been successful thus far. 2/40 days are complete!

Do you have any big weekend plans? I am going to mat pilates on Saturday then out to dinner as it happens to be my birthday weekend! I am not sure where we are going but it will be nice to have a night out in BTR. Have a great weekend!


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