Happy Friday Christmas style! Did you have a good Christmas? We did! Here are a few photos:

1. All of the personalized Christmas cards we received this year! I love that our friends also like to send out personalized cards. I wonder if it is a generational thing.

2. We are smoothie obsessed. I feel like it is so fefreshing before and after big meals to have balance in my life.

3. The weather was beautiful in BTR before we left so we got in a power walk!

4. I finally finished Bringin Up Bebe. What a great book! You should read it.

5. I love my new Kate Spade watch! Isn't is pretty?
6. Cutest kids ever! What happened to us?!? This is my fave ornament.
7. We had a sample of our wedding cake that has been in the freezer for over 2.5 years! It still tastes amazing. The pumpkin is so flavorful, you can taste all the spices, and it is so moist! We will definitely be eating more of this over the next week.
8. My "new" china! I have known for many years that I was getting my grandma's Royal Albert china. We packed it up to store with my parents until I have space for it.
Have a great weekend! Mine will be busy visiting with friends!


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