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Take a break from your day for some short reading. Isn't that why you stop by?

1. The holidays are getting closer. Sirius XM transitioned 2 stations to Christmas music yesterday. Yes, I listened all evening.

2. Do you love to take selfies? I always feel awkward asking someone to take a photo of me. Next time I will try using these tips from Women's Health.

3. I am obsessed with herringbone so I am making myself this cowl... in my free time... how do I have free time?

4. Christmas has also arrived at Starbucks. I want to get a new tea cup for work and I have a feeling I may be able to find the perfect one in their holiday collection!  Today through Sunday from 2-5pm is bogo holiday drinks. Treat a friend!

5. Sophie Conran liked one of my instagram photos this week. I almost died!

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